Saturday 17 March 2018

Sweet Stampin' - Use your paper scraps

Saturday again, time really is flying by isn't it? That means it's time for our new challenge over at Sweet Stampin' and this week, we want you to "Use Your Paper Scraps".
I'll fill you in with the boring details of why I haven't posted or visited you all in a minute, so you can tootle off early if you prefer. I used some paper scraps (I think they were Scrapberry papers) that were left over from a workshop I did with the fabulous Hels Sheridan last weekend. I trimmed the scraps down with my guillotine to create a greater variation in sizes and then added them with walnut stain distress ink using a bit of cut n dry foam. I then stuck them onto a 6x6 card overlapping them in places. I added some more walnut stain round the edge of the card, although I was a bit heavy handed in places!
I found a reasonable sized scrap of card and stamped the LOTV sentiment in black archival ink and again added the walnut to the edges. I added this to the card with 1mm deep foam tape. I had a rummage in my bit box and found some paper flowers (I think from a Craftwork Card kit) which were roughly the right colours. To tie them in I applied a little of the walnut ink yo the edges of the petals and glued them to the card with some pearls for centres. Simples. I did think that maybe I should have stamped the sentiment in a dark brown rather than black, but hey ho!
So, why have I been absent in blogland? Life has rather got in the way. Work has been hectic and last Friday I pulled into the car park at work at lunchtime, using my pass to enter. Drove in and pressed up on my driver's electric and zilch happened. To cut a long story short, the window was stuck fully open and I couldn't get a garage to sort it that afternoon and I couldn't leave the car unsecured. Thank goodness for mobile phones! Eventually, we came up with a plan - as I needed my car over the weekend and for work. I drove the 60 miles up to my parents (50 miles of it up the M6!) with the window down, a thick cardigan and fleece on, gloves (thank goodness for grips on my gloves so I could drive in them) and two scarves wrapped round my neck and head. At least it wasn't raining! I then left my car up there and borrowed my Mum's car for the week whilst mine was repaired. I was supposed to meet Hels and Pauline (Wheeler) for dinner that night, but was shattered and so had to cancel it. Not impressed when they posted photos of their rhubarb gin drinking, I should have been there (on non-alcoholic drinks) too! 
I had a great time taking part in their workshops on Saturday and Sunday, although I'm always shattered by the end of them. Will share photos soon. I decided to have an early night on Sunday but woke up in the early hours with a dreadful cough and feeling generally grim. I phoned in sick at work and fortuitously had already booked a GP appointment for the next day for a meds review. By the time I saw my GP I was struggling to breathe, coughing was agony and I felt like death warmed up. He declared that I had an "impressive" temperature at 39.4 and prescribed antibiotics and steroid tablets. I've spent the rest of the week slowly recovering but still feel terrible, but at least I made my DT card to share today. Still got to make Mum's 80th birthday card as it was her birthday in Tuesday, but we're having a family meal on Sunday (assuming we're all well enough!). I daren't mention it, but I think my dodgy tooth is playing up again as I have a tender swelling in my neck under it - just hoping it's a lymph node from the chest infection, but not really convinced!
If you're still here, I'm very impressed and sorry for having such a long whinge! I hope you are all keeping safe, happy and well. I would say wealthy too, but let's be honest we've probably spent all our dosh on new craft stash! Have a great weekend, I hope to visit you soon x


  1. What a catalogue of disasters Cara, you've had a horrible week! What an unpleasant journey that must have been! I hope you feel better soon and that rogue tooth behaves itself.
    Hope your Mum's birthday celebration goes well...and that you're feeling well enough to enjoy it!
    Fabulous card btw!

  2. Gorgeous card Cara, great way to use up all those beautiful papers ! What an awful week you have had, I hope you are soon feeling better and you get to enjoy your Mum's birthday dinner :)
    Hugs Kaz xx

  3. So sorry to hear about all your problems Cara. What a horrible week you've had. I hope you are now feeling better and are all able to enjoy your Mum's Birthday meal together.

    Now I think your card is absolutely gorgeous. The papers are so pretty. What a super way to use up pretty snippets. Hugs, Barbxx

  4. Sorry to hear you've been so rough...hope the meds kick in and sort you out! Love the scraps there's an idea 😉
    Hugs LLJ xxx

  5. A really fabulous card Cara, lots of really lovely snippets and I love the way you have used them. Super huge Thank you stamp too.
    What a hectic week, I am shattered reading about it.

    Kath x

  6. Oh brrr I'll bet that was one cold drive, not a bit of wonder you got sick. Hope you're well enough for your family time tomorrow.
    And what a fab card, a very clever way to use up all your pretty scraps x

  7. Sorry in commenting late but wanted to take time to read your post. Fabulous card, love the scraps and I like the sentiment stamped in the black...What a terrible time you have had...If the window hadn't broke and you hadn't had to drive 60 miles in the freezing weather etc you may not have got so ill? You've swoped the cars and now don't need it for week as you are to ill. Hope you manage to get to the family meal x I am so sorry for you, sending hugs and lets hope it's not the dreaded tooth again x

  8. Meant to say what a great experience for you and Hels workshop and then missing out on the get would have been the gin for me x

  9. Hi Cara you've certainly had a pants week, so sorry to hear of it, hope you'll soon feel better. Bummer about the car window and giving such a long drive, probably contributing to your illness. Take it easy.
    Lovely card with a beautiful selection of papers scraps, great design, Kate x

  10. What a week Cara! Loving the card though, great way to use up the scraps which I definitely need to do Lol! Wishing you a better week, Angela xXx

  11. OMGosh, Cara, what an awful week you've had! Sounds like it's been a nightmare! Hope things have improved this week.

    Love your card, so pretty with all the patchwork of patterned papers. xx

  12. Absolutely gorgeous Cara!! Such a genius design to use up some scrap bits, and all the different patterns create an amazingly interesting card front! Love it! Hoping this week is better than the last for you. hugs :)

  13. Hi Cara
    Love the arrangement of your scraps and the "Thank You" stamp.
    My goodness, you have had a rough week.
    Hopefully, the next week will be kinder to you.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  14. Oh chick! That is one horrible set of circumstances! The window is right pain. Hubby and I had to drive all the way home from the Cotswolds (back to London, when we were living there) with a stuck open window and a small child! Not our most fun trip ever! Sorry to hear you've been poorly, hope the Doc got your on the right meds to sort that. Hope the tooth settles too, the triple wammy is just not cool eh?! Sending hugs and wishes for much better days now. LOVE your fabulous card. Such a pretty paper combo it looks utterly stunning! Hugs, Wends xoxo

  15. I love, love, love this card Cara! The way you have placed and layered the snippets, just awesome! A beautifully shabby chic card xx


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