Saturday, 4 May 2019

The Flower Challenge #32 Embossing

It’s time for our new challenge at The Flower Challenge and this month we want to see embossing, either dry or heat on your floral creations.
We also have a fantastic sponsor this month, Altenew, who are offering their stunning cross stitch flower stamp set as a prize.

I had great fun making my card for this challenge, as I told Viv....

A) I heat embossed using a stencil to get the resist background on my 6x6 card.

B) I used the ink to watercolour over it. I dropped the brush. No probs I’ll cover it with the flowers.

C) I decided to add some splatters after adding the flowers. I’m rubbish at splattering. Mopped some of the splatters off. Tried to mask off part of the card with paper to add splatters in one area that I’d missed. Added extra splatters. Dropped the brush again (pesky carpal tunnel hands!). 

D) Unable to rescue splatters. Found a die to cut down card front. Managed to die cut without amputating leaves, although top leaves look slightly out now.

E) Can’t figure out a composition that I like using die cut front.

F) Decide to make a shaped card.

G) Final touch - add diamond stickles to flowers. Set aside to dry.

H) Knock card whilst drying, smudging stickles on top flower. Try to wipe off and add replacement stickles. 

I) Realise that the stickles has reacted with the ink. Clear iridescent stickles is now a dark pink that doesn’t match the flower colours. Where the replacement stickles were added is now a paler pink.

J) Set aside to dry hoping it’ll miraculously sort itself whilst drying overnight.

K) Look at card this morning. Stickles still look weird.

L) Try to rescue with some glue and purple glitter. Rescue mission fails.

M) Go for desperate measures. Manage to peel off flower heads that were on foam tape without damaging card. Stamp more flowers, fussy cut and replace on card.

N) Decide it needs something extra. Possibly some Nuvo drops?

O) Learn from mistakes. Make drops on craft mat rather than directly onto card.

P) Poke nuvo drops to check if dry. End up with nuvo drops on finger. Reflect that making lots had been a good idea.

Q) Go shopping, buy chocolate to console self. Buy blueberries in an attempt to offset chocolate.

R) Poke nuvo drops. Fingertip clean!

S) Decide where to position drops in card. Add glue to card. Too much comes out. Manage to scrape off excess without incident.

T) Breathe sigh of relief and relax admiring work.

U) Realise that a tiny bit of ink coloured stickles has caught on the top right edge of the card.

V) Scream.

W) Decide stuff 
it, not messing about trying to fix it.

X) Eat chocolate. Resolve never to make another card. 

Thankfully the lovely Viv photoshopped out my tiny smudge off the edge of my card and I’ve already started on my next card!


  1. - so it took me to the end to get the most important bit - EAT CHOCOLATE!!
    Fun reading your post as I relate to it all and your card (without the smudge!) looks lovely!

  2. Beautiful card, Cara! To read the journey you took to make this beauty made me smile! I've been through that :)! Chocolate is a great choice!!!

  3. So glad you persevered and made this stunning and beautiful card. So feminine and pretty. I nearly always use a splat stamp.... Enjoy the chocolate x

  4. Gorgeous card Cara, great use of colour and love the overall design too. Such pretty flowers, I love those stamps! It made me laugh what you went through to make this card when I first read it in the email and I am still smiling. Although I can relate at the frustration we all go through sometimes when making a card....we just have to keep at it ;) hugs Viv xx

  5. Beautiful card Cara and I love the colors. Love the embossing to and even thought you had so many mishaps from your description, your card is perfect!

  6. Hahahaha that's hilarious Cara!!! For one-of-those cards it turned out pretty fabulous! You need to add in..
    Y posted on my blog and thought actually it looks lovely
    Z got started on the next one!

  7. how pretty!! so elegant and wonderful.
    xx Karen

  8. I love your commentary, Cara. We've all had those days and you saved your card beautifully. I actually love the shape and the leaves hanging off the edge.


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