Sunday, 27 February 2022

It’s not a floral card!!


Yup, I do actually do some crafting that isn’t just for The Flower Challenge. I’m looking forward to the Pottery Throwdown on C4 tonight! Just before covid hit I started going to some one day clay workshops with the fantastic Linda at Green Man Ceramics in Trawden, Lancashire. 

Linda is a fantastic teacher and takes you through the process step by step and will give your clay a squidge if it’s looking dodgy! This was the very first hare I made, I collected it after it had had some oxides (not the Tim Holtz kind - Saltwater Taffy on order!) and under glaze added by Linda then fired. He’s been happily sat on my mantle piece (next to my powertex angel) since just before the first lockdown!  I’ve done another um.. 6 workshops since then, so will show you those makes soon (hares/rabbits feature quite heavily for some reason!) You can see some of the stages he went through below (I didn’t think to take photos at the start!)


  1. How creative and he looks marvellous sat on the mantle x.

  2. Oh WOW, he's fabulous Cara, you obviously have a talent for pottery! See you next year on the next series!


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