Tuesday 9 February 2016

Do crafts folk floral

Been doing some batch card making today. I bought the Docrafts folk floral collection from C&C ages ago and decided that I better use it up! I made 8 cards yesterday and these 6 today. Everything is from the kit apart from the 6x6 craft card blanks and a bit of gold Miri card. Quick and simple, but great to add to the card box, which is looking a little empty at present.
Apologies for the rubbish picture, as ever I used the top of the cooker as the rest of the place is covered with craft stuff. I had to hold the camera up over the cooker, hindered by the fact that I had the top oven oven as I was grilling some bacon that was on its use by date, so we can have it tomorrow. Does that count as multi tasking?!


  1. I'd say it certainly was multi tasking and I bet you were standing on only one leg at the time too!

    Your cards are very pretty Cara. What a lovely set that is. I've not
    seen it before. I find it really satisfying to do batch making and well done using up stuff too. Barbxx

  2. Very sweet cards, Cara--such pretty florals. They remind me of a quilt.



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