Sunday, 2 October 2016

Golden Wedding

Apologies for the overload, these are the cover and first 3 pages of the photo album that I made for my parents. We had a fab time with neighbours and friends yesterday and went out for a lovely meal at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. More pics of my huge main course, there were about 10 tiny carrots (forgotten the French name of them), more broccoli and three huge roast potatoes! The hotel is an Art Deco listed building on the sea front. More pics of the album tomorrow 


  1. Stunning album Cara, what beautiful bride your mum was and a handsome groom. This will be treasured, Kate x

  2. Cara, that album is completely beautiful! What a labour of love & something for your parents to treasure. Seriously impressed! xx

  3. Wow Cara the album is amazing, I think my chin hit the desk lol Your parents must be blown away by it !
    Hugs, Kaz x
    Ps. That roast dinner looks pretty yummy too :)

  4. Wow wow wow fantastic... beautiful xx

  5. Amazing project and such hard work and so worth it. Love the photos and what a fabulous meal! x

  6. Hi Cara,
    what a superb album and what a work of art.
    I love your very superb design of this.
    Congratulations to your Mum and Dad on the 50th Anniversary.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Wow Cara you've been busy with the album for your Mum and Dad's golden wedding anniversary. What a super job too. Great use of dies and lovely photographs.
    Your beef dinner looks yummy too.

    Hugs Erika. x

  8. Hello Cara: I'm Maria Rodriguez, from The Flower Challenge blog. I saw your message about not being able to upload your card to the draft page, I wrote to the gals on the FB page and I hope someone helps you, if I knew how I would but I'm just not knowledgeable enough about this things.
    No worries, ok? if anything, you might be able to upload it later.
    Big Hugs.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  9. Utterly fabulous Cara - I also read the later post just now as well. What a talented lady your Mum is and such a beautiful bride. Congratulations to both of them! LOVE the album you made!!


    Di xx

  10. Totally amazing pictures of the album and dinner looks right up my alley - yummy


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