Tuesday, 15 November 2016

So, this time last week it was my birthday...

My wonderful hubby totally spolit me and bought me the set of 120 polychromos pencils, all those gorgeous colours to play with!
I wanted to share the wonderful handmade cards I recieved for my birthday. I take part in a birthday card swap on the craft telly forum and have been sending cards all year and now it was my turn to realise how wonderful it is to receive so many fabulous cards. So, in no particular order...
A beautiful feminine vintage card from Tricia and an amazing parchment work card from Enid (JSC), both stunning.
A wonderful die based creation in a lovely colour palette with a hint of sparkle from Andrea (Marleybear) and a fabulous cheery card from Linda (spendsloads)
A gorgeous happy floral card from Fuchsia (fuchara) and a delicate sparkly dimensional card from Little Jan.
A fabulous coffee inspired card from Victoria (mine's a gingerbread latte!) and a beautiful delicate card from Susan W.
Finally, but by no means last, the dinkiest adorable stepper card from Essex Anne.
I also need to share with you the fab humorous card I recieved from fellow blogger and Queen of British touring, Darnell ( I think hammie may have had a hand in making this one)
And finally, just because it made me smile, work personalised their card to me. Thank you all so so much for all the hard work that has gone into my wonderful cards, they will be treasured for a long time to come.


  1. What a lovely batch of cards, and a wonderful set of pencils! Happy belated birthday

  2. FAB gift from hubby - ENJOY!

    Great selection of cards too, wishing you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY


  3. Oh, goodie, Mr. Crafting Bunny did GOOD!! I know you will really enjoy this beautiful set of pencils, Cara! Thank you for the shoutout and for sharing my card, as well as all the other really sensational cards you received!! Hugs, Darnell

  4. Oh wow, what a fab pressie! You have your hubby well trained ... could you get him to have a word with Greg ;)
    Belated Happy Birthday x

  5. Belated happy birthday wishes huni, and huge apologies for the lack of visits too. Unusually they were completely out of my control and not because of my pain either. I will be very interested to hear how easy or not these pencils are to use. I still feel that wonderful thrill when I get new colouring mediums, never grew out of that one lol!
    Beautiful cards from your forum friends too x

  6. Hi ya petal, another birthday I totally forgot, lucky we had it written up on the wall in Facebook. I have been so busy with getting cards done for the caring heart card drive and with mum and dad and their move to the nursing home everything else fell by thawed side. So so sorry my friend. BUT I see your friends have remembered you and sent you some amazing cards and those wonderful pencils your husband gave you, wow. I cant wait to see what you colour with them and what your feelings are on them, I am so wanting them myself. Again I hope you had a wonderful birthday and so sorry I missed it.


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