Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Ugly Sweater - Part 1

After making the wreath and train for my family at Christmas, I've got back into the habit of sewing again. My next project was a set of six Christmas decorations, from a kit called Ugly Sweaters by Bucilia. The main body of each sweater is about the size of of my palm. I started this kit on Boxing Day whilst drinking mulled wine, which may have something to do with why the Christmas trees either side of the main house have sequins on them, rather than French knots! I'll share the other sweaters later. I'm currently on my third felt project and have a stack of ones to do (darn those bargains on Amazon) so card making may take a backseat this year! 


  1. So creative and such fun...love the sequins x

  2. What a fun project, Cara! xx

  3. Heee, this is fab Cara, I don't know why they're called 'ugly' sweaters! LOVE the sequins!
    I've been doing a bit of cross stitch again but haven't got the eyes for it anymore, I've my glasses on and off like yoyos!


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