Thursday, 1 March 2018

It's Been Too Long - Since I Last posted!

It's been far too long since I last blogged, I'll fill you in on the details in a minute, but first the card.
I rustled up this very quick little card (4x4) using the Hunkydory "Happy Birthday Sausage" stamp set. I stamped all the elements seperately before colouring in the dog with my zig clean colour pens. I used a spectrum noir sparkle pen for the blue and then cut out all the elements and glued them into place. I stamped one of the sentiments from the set onto the card and drew in a frame, which I coloured to match the scarf. Super quick and simple.
So, the tooth saga continues. Having settled down over the weekend, by Tuesday morning it was aching again, typically on the first day of real snow that we had. I phoned the dental helpline from work and was told that there were no appointments available in my town. Happily though, there was one that morning at a Dentist only a two minute walk from work! He decided that he needed to drill deeper than the previous dentist had done to put in some medicine to calm the nerve. It took three lots of local anaesthetic to numb the tooth, no wonder I felt woozy afterwards! I also ended up with a course of oral antibiotics. It's still quite sore, but the (very lovely) dentist warned me it would take a few days to calm down. I have to apologise for being behind on my visits, toothache and neck ache has taken its toll, but I hope to catch up with you all soon.
By Wednesday, our snow had mostly melted, despite it being -6 degrees out (no idea how that works?!) and so I took Willow to meet Oscar who will hopefully become her new companion. Oscar was handed into rescue by a lady who borrowed a male bunny to breed her rabbit. Unfortunately, when the babies were just a few days old mummy bunny died. The lady hand reared the babies and gave most of them away, but kept Oscar and his sister. Unfortunately, she seems to have just done the absolute minimum to look after them and so at 18 months old they are not used to human interaction and consequently are very scared and hutch defensive. Oscar also seems to have a congenital cataract in one eye, which is slightly smaller than his other eye. You'll be pleased to know that his sister has now found a wonderful new home and hopefully Oscar will be happy with us, I know you're dying to meet him so here is the handsome chap,
He's a bit bigger than Willow at 1.5kg, but he is (mostly) a Netherland Dwarf. Despite being fearful, once held he enjoys a good fuss and has gorgeous soft, silky fur. I'm not sure he'll be keeping the name Oscar though, anyne got any suggestions for a plant/tree/herb related names? Apparently, so far they are getting on well *crosses fingers for luck*
I hope you are all managing to stay safe and warm in this freezing weather x


  1. Oscar is gorgeous and i swear I saw his nose twtich on screen!! Sorry to hear about your on going tooth saga. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon. We have about 4" of snow here and rising. It stopped for a couple of hours in the early afternoon but is set to keep snowing until 11am tomorrow morning and then blizzard conditions for the rest of the day. Managed to get out to day for provisions so we don't need anything now for a good few days. Hope your keeping safe and warm in this artic weather. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. A really super card, the image and the sentiment really made me laugh out loud.
    Poor bunnies.
    Hope that now your tooth worries are over, nothing worse than toothache.
    Been really bitter cold here.

    Kath x

  3. Brrr ..... sounds a wee bit COLD in your neck of the woods! Just as well your 'sausage' dog is cosy and warm in his scarf and beanie!
    While Oscar is a fine name, if you're looking at changing it, how about Basil? One of my favourite herbs!

  4. Oh Cara - what a time you've been having. Here's hoping that tooth calms down again and is sorted out permanently ASAP. LOVE your card - really made me smile here. Great image and love the sentiment!

    How about Pipkin for your adorable new bunny? He was the timid one in Watership Down (which isn't very far from where we live).


    Di xx

  5. I LOVE this card Cara! Made me smile!
    Poor you and the tooth - hoping soon sorted.
    Lovely cuddly bunny. No name suggestions from me !
    And as for the weather - managed to get out today - first time since Tuesday. The wind chill is bitterly cold and we still have lots of snow! x

  6. Hi Cara, poor you, I hope that your antibiotics will will work for your tooth and mouth, and the pain will go.
    Love Oscar and he will soon come to know and feel safe with you.
    Brilliant card, love the image and design, Kate x x

  7. Sounds like you've been having some rather cold weather, so it's good to see your little dog is wrapped up warmly in his scarf and beanie.
    While Oscar is a fine name, how about Basil? I absolutely love the smell of it - mmmmm!!!

  8. Such a fun card. Sorry to hear about the continuing tooth problem. Between the tooth and the neck, it's been painful for you. Thank you for showing us the handsome Oscar....He looks like he will fit in really well with Willow x

  9. He is adorable Cara. He is a bit of a distraction Lol! Love the card too! Thank goodness the snow is melting, hopefully it will warm up a bit this week xXx

  10. too cute...the card and the bunny.
    xx Karen

  11. Awww poor you, hope your tooth has settled down by now :(
    Oscar is a cutie, he'll soon realise how lucky he is to have found you, bet he'll get spoiled rotten!
    And what a fab card - love his scarf, and great idea to add the matching fancy border too!

  12. OMG you poor poor thing, there is literally nothing worse than toothache. Your card is lovely, it's the scarf and the matching border that are bringing me joy. AND you have made me, make a note to pull out my own Sausage Dog stamp and have a play!. Cx

  13. Hi Cara
    I had a visit to the dentist last week and my porcelain inlay repair popped out again 24 hours later so I have to go back again.....thank goodness I'm in Denplan lol!!! Hope you're sorted now.
    Love the card. You do have some wonderful fun stamps.
    Welcome Oscar..........I'm guessing that you may have already had a Basil or Sage for previous bunny names.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x


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