Friday, 8 May 2015

Oldie Friday

Once again I'm joining Erika for Oldie Friday, sharing previous makes as there's not been a whole lot of crafting going on this week! Why does having a day off at the start of the week seem to make the week last longer? It wasn't helped in that I had to work Wednesday (my usual day off) as I had a meeting, but I had today of instead so spent most of it catching up on my sleep! Can't wait we get our new KINGSIZE bed delivered next Wednesday, our current one gives me lower back ache.
Enough waffling and back to the crafting. The pics are of a bucilia felt kit I made for my parents last year. Sorry about the rubbish pics. I can't say much as who knows who is reading, but I have another kit from them on the go, which is what I've been doing in the evenings this week, I'm not having the mad rush to get it done for Christmas like last time...

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  1. Evening Cara and thank you for sharing an oldie with me today. I LOVE your felt Christmas project and such a good idea to start naking early. I'm never that organised.
    We've just had a new bed too, it makes all the difference.

    Have a super weekend. Hugs Erika. x


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