Monday 2 January 2017

2017, Day Two (to be read in the voice of the Big Brother announcer)

Bank holiday Monday, and guess which muppet volunteered to work?! Still, the roads were very quiet at 7.30 this morning....
Today's photo is of the present I made for my parents. Another Bucilia kit and a heck of a lot of beads and sequins, so why have I bought several more kits to keep me busy over the coming months? Must be mad. Guilty as charged!


  1. Mad or not this is amazing. Such a lot of it as I suspect your parents did! x

  2. This looks fantastic Cara. Bet your parents loved it. Wishing you all everything good for 2017. Barbxx

  3. Oh wow, that's fab Cara! I just googled Bucila kits there (I'd never heard of them before), they've some really gorgeous stuff! I must resist .... ;) LOL

  4. Unbelievable amount of work in this, cant imagine all the time that went into it. Will be treasured I am sure. Cant wait to see more.


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