Sunday, 6 May 2018

Jo Firth-Young Workshops

Yep, I'm back in blogland! I even managed to survive a week in work! I can't believe how drained these chest infections and exacerbation of asthma have made me. I also managed to get oral thrush after three courses of antibiotics in 6 weeks. The only upside was that it wasn't itchy like it can be in *ahem* other places! Still painful though and the gel to treat it tastes pretty grim. I'm feeling much better though and starting to catch up with all those jobs that have been neglected.
Despite feeling rubbish, I still managed to make it to a weekend of workshops held by Rowan Tree Crafts. Fortunately, they were only about 20 minutes away from my parents and so I was very well looked after for the weekend, even if I was in bed before 8 each night!
The two all day workshops were run by Jo-Firth Young who designs the JOFY stamps for PaperArtsy. She's a great tutor and a lovely lady to boot, as is Sharon, who owns the craft shop. The sessions were held in the community room at the local retained fire station. Sadly (for us, but happily for the local community) there were no fires whilst we were there and so we didn't see any firemen.
On the Saturday, we made this lovely A4 canvas board using Jo's stamps and stencils. I've only got one photo of it as Mum claimed it when I took it back home to them that evening!
On the Sunday, we made the two A5 "box canvasses". They are actually made of canvas textured thick card and you fold them up to form the box canvas. Very clever, and they made stamping round the sides much easier as you could do it flat before you assembled them.

Despite not feeling great, I really enjoyed myself and would definitely recommend them to anyone.


  1. Oh WOW, what stunning canvases, Cara, just beautiful. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling great, hope you'll soon be feeling much better. xx

  2. Oh WOW, what stunning canvases, Cara, just beautiful. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling great, hope you'll soon be feeling much better. xx

  3. Three really gorgeous creations Cara, love the purples and mauves on the first one and the lovely mix of colour on the second two. Love those flowers too.

    Kath x

  4. Wowzer! I love these Cara. Sounds like a perfect weekend away. Good to hear you're getting better now healthwise. Hope to see you at Port S xx

  5. These are absolutely stunning! Hope you are fully better soon

  6. These are wonderful makes. I love the bright colours you've used on the box canvasses and I'm not surprised your Mam claimed the A4 canvas - it's stunning!


  7. Hi Cara
    Beautiful florals and how clever to do the canvas box like that.
    Hope you are much better now.
    Ang x

  8. Oh WOW these are absolutely stunning Cara! That workshop sounds like great fun. So glad to hear you are on the mend x

  9. What amazing vibrant, full of colour and absolutely stunning...All three of them. So sorry that you are still not feeling 100% but so glad that you managed to go to the workshops x

  10. Ooh, this workshop would have been FUN - so glad you were able to go along and then share your creations with us. Hope you continue to feel better.

  11. Oh, wow, Cara, what stunning works of art! And that's with you not feeling at your best! I'm so impressed and can certainly understand why mum took possession! Happy Mother's Day to her then! And the box art is, well, just too beautiful to be boxes!! I hope you are soon over ALL your fections 100%. Happy Mother's Day! Hugs, Darnell

  12. Aren't they just stunning and I cant believe you let your mum have the first one. I don't know that I could have parted with it, so beautiful. Love the stamps Jo makes they have such a unique style to them.


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