Friday 5 August 2016

Oldie Friday

It's time to join up with the very lovely Erika to share an oldie. Today's oldie is the very first card I posted on my blog when I started it last year. No surprise that bunnies were involved, oh look and some faux stitching...
I was commiserating with the also very lovely Barb (who incidentally happened to be my very first follower) about losing dies whilst crafting. I thought I'd share with you too my two helpers.
I recently invested in the Spellbinders magnetic pick up tool, which is a large plastic diamond on which the front face is strongly magnetic. It's great for chucking dies at so that they don't get caught up up in scraps of card etc. I think it was about £8 on Amazon.
My other favourite tool can be seen in front of it. It's a telescopic magnetic pick up stick, which even has a light!
I bought this particular one from tesco for about £3 but I've also seen them in garden centres and diy shops (handy if you drop a screw down the back of the cupboard etc apparently). I've been known to shove it in the bin and have a swish round with it to rescue a lost die. It doesn't work very well if you have a metal bin though! As I commented to Barb, it's also very handy if you drop a die on the floor as because they're flat they can be a pain to pick up and if like me you find that people have been lowering your floor (it's so much further down to reach than it used to be), then it's great to allow you pick them up without clambering under the table! 
Have fun crafting x


  1. What a super idea Cara, I'm always losing dies and wee stamps, mind it would help if I put them away as soon as I had used them. A true crafty slob that's me.
    The massage helped beautifully this morning and I am now back to normal just in time to go back to work.

    A super oldie today Cara, love your wee bunnies, so very cute. Love your papers and the floral dies too.
    Thanks for joining me today in sharing an oldie, have a super weekend,
    big crafty hugs, Erika. x

  2. Absolutely an adorable card......I'm a HM fan!!

  3. Super oldie card, Cara. The bunnies are adorable.

    Love your two special helpers, I've been known to empty out a whole bin to find the tiniest of lost dies, only to find it on the floor all the time. LOL! xx

  4. Aww too sweet Cara, lovely card and design. These look really good tools to have, Kate x

  5. God yeah my floor is definitely further away than it used to be, I need to get your pick-up gismo;)

  6. Beautiful card and your faux stitching is just perfect. Ohh I do love to visualise, chucking the dies at the magnetic stand, wishing around in the oooops metal bin and trying to reach things when your in hogworts and the floor gets further away every time.

  7. Adorable card, Cara. Love those sweet bunnies :-)


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