Thursday 11 August 2016

Happy Birthday

It was Dad's birthday yesterday and this was the card I sent to him. I stamped the Sheena Douglass train stamp in black versafine on smooth watercolour card and coloured it in with distress reinkers. I trimmed the panel down and added black and green layers to fit on a 7x7 card blank. I stamped the sentiment from the set and fussy cut it and added it to the card with some foam tape.
I ended up having my tooth extracted at the Dentist yesterday. He X rayed it as he was concerned that the lump inside my mouth might be a cyst as it was so solid. It was as I thought, an infection and he talked me through the X-ray on the computer screen which was actually very interesting whilst we discussed options. Given that the tooth already had one root canal and a gold crown, even with further treatment the long term prognosis was poor and so I opted to have it out. Fortunately the local anaesthetic did the trick and with a bit of pressure and effort from the dentist it came out cleanly. I could have an implant to replace it but at a minimum of £2,000 I decided against it - that's a lot of crafting stash! I'll probably have some bridge work on the NHS when it heals instead.
I obviously learnt something on my forage day though, as when I was sat in the car park giving myself a minute to settle before driving home, I noticed one of the nightshade family growing through the hedge!
When Hubby got home he asked how I'd got on. I explained what had happened and his first question? "Did you ask for your gold crown back?" Talk about gold fever! Oddly enough, I had foreseen this and explained to the dentist who did indeed give me my crown back, complete with tooth as despite spending a few minutes on it had been unable to prise it off. As I said to the dentist, if Hubby is that desperate for the gold he can do it himself! At least I needn't worry about sleeping with my mouth open anymore...


  1. I love this card to bits Cara. My Dad worked on the railways for 43 years up until he retired. Sadly, he's no longer with us but if he was, then this is exactly the type of card that I would make for him. You've done a wonderful job with it and I bet your Dad was thrilled with it. Crafty hugs, Sandra X

  2. Very personal and gorgeous masculine card for your Dad. Glad the tooth is now sorted and wow £2,000 was a great discussion not to go ahead as you say lots of crafty goodies! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Fabulous card Cara, it's a great image and you've coloured it beautifully, brilliant layout. I'm sure you dad loved it.
    Pleased you've got your tooth sorted out. My goodness that's some amount of dosh, as you say lots of crafty stash could be bought with that sort of money. Take care, Kate x

  4. Just a wonderful masculine card design Cara.

    Hugs Diane

  5. A brilliant card, my Grandson would love it, he is train mad and I love the way you have done the sentiment to look like a Station sign.
    Love the Dentist story.

    Kath x

  6. That's a great image for a masculine card Cara. Bet your Dad loved it. Sorry to hear you lost a tooth, but I'm sure you must be glad there is no more pain. Had to laugh about your hubby and the gold though.
    Sharon xx

  7. Oh poor you, that wasn't fun at the dentist. I had one out last year when it cracked and couldn't be mended, and the relief was instant. I'd love implants but need to keep doing the lottery!
    Fab card for your Dad, bet he loved this! Great image, and very clever idea to do your sentiment like a little railway sign.
    PS I'll never look at that stamp again without thinking she's floating about there with no knickers on ;)

  8. Wonderful card for your Dad. I love how you've done the sentiment. Glad your tooth problem is sorted out. £2000 for an implant or £2000 to spend on stash.......hmmmm, let me think.....there's only one answer really. 😊 xx

  9. OMG I am cracking up at the fact that you KNEW your hubby would want the gold crown - Hilarious. I once had a tooth out, but it wouldn't come out as easily as it should have done, cue my teeny tiny NHS dentist kneeling on my chest, as the nurse held her and they both pulled - yes that really happened. Love, love, love the card for your Dad, I wish I could colour as beautifully as you. And yes the twins are supremely ungrateful:) Cx

  10. Hi Cara,
    what a super, super card.
    You have done a super job with that lovely stamp, and the colouring is ace.
    I very much love this card as my hubby used to be a fireman on the trains when he was young, and would be so imprrssed with this, as I expect your Dad was.
    Sorry to hear about your tooth.
    My that was an enourmous amount for a inplant.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. The stamp and colouring are amazing, so the card is really superb!
    Lia xx

  12. Oh Cara, I am smiling thinking of your hubby watching you sleep waiting for your gold in your tooth. I hope the removal wasn't too painful, the cost of the implant certainly is! :0
    A great male card. Love how you've coloured your train. The sentiment is great, just like an old sign.

    Thanks for the comment about my eldest exam results, I'd like to think he got his brains from his mum. I know he probably didn't though.

    Enjoy your weekend and I hope you are not in too much pain.

    Hugs Erika. x

  13. Love Sheena's images and you've made this one gorgeous! Sorry you've had to deal with dental issues as well. Aren't we a fine pair!

  14. Hi, Norm here. I don't mind doing your washing but I'm not allowed to do any ironing. Mrs A. Says she can't trust me not to have an acident with it having all those steam nozzles on it. Hugs Norm.

  15. Wow! Such a fabulous masculine card - love it!

    Hope your mouth feels better quickly and you soon get used to the space where your tooth used to be.

  16. What a fabulous card for your Dad! But dentists? Aghhhhhh! Judy x


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