Monday 14 March 2016

InkBuds weekend - Saturday

Morning, it's a beautiful sunny morning here in Lancashire and the bunnies are sunbathing in their run.
I had a fab time at the weekend at two InkBuds workshops with Hels Sheriden and Pauline Wheeler. They are such entertaining ladies, the sort of people that you feel like you've known forever 5 minutes after meeting them. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much as we had great ladies in the workshops too with friendly banter being batted around the whole time. Just don't ask them about the hotel room and wetting the bed!
In between the laughter we did actually do some creating and learned new techniques. On the Saturday we made the perpetual calendar shown although you could easily use it as a letter rack, crafty storage etc. There's other decorations on the sides too, but that's for my eyes only! 
I was very impressed with the details of the workshops, for instance rather than stencilling on the writing we had professionally made vinyl transfers to add to give a really crisp finish against the distressed background and we were able to choose our own colours to work with. They even nipped into the craft shop where it was held and bought extra colours if needed for us to have the colours we wanted.
We all got goodie bags and personalised name badges and they did spot prizes during the day too. The whole day was really relaxed with plenty of time (and drinks and cake and sweets) to repeat demonstrations and help as required, but without feeling like time was wasted or rushed. Sadly my pain was pants by the end of it and kept me awake during the night, but it was totally worth it! 
Amazingly, the craft shop is letting them back again (they've obviously not noticed the mess where I was working then) and so they are plotting, sorry planning another weekend  in June in Preston. The InkBuds are planning on touring the UK, I think a workshop in Coventry was mentioned so if there's enough demand and there's a village hall or something they'll come to a venue near you! Apparently you can track them down on Facebook, I'm still refusing to join Facebook, but my resolve might be weakening....
I'm off for another lie down now, but will be back tomorrow with the project I made on Sunday and I might admit to what I bought in the craft shop who gave us a generous discount for the weekend (just don't tell Hubby!).


  1. I knew you'd have a wonderful time Cara, Hels is lovely and I agree with what you say feeling like you've known her for ages, so bubbly and talented.
    Your project is beautiful. Love the distressed look and all your flowers. It sounds as if you had great fun.

    Hugs Erika. x

  2. Hi Cara, a beautiful project, love the colour, would fit right in here on my table! Love the look of the perpetual calendar, just not good at keeping up turning the days about. Sounds like you had a busy weekend, I hope your pain settles quickly, sometimes it takes days for me to return to my level of normal, when I overdo my limits. Have a wonderful week... Megan

  3. Hey there Cara
    Thanks for such a fabulous testamknial about the event
    It was a pleasure to have you join with us and I'm happy you loved your projecfs
    You in June
    P xx

  4. Hi Cara, After reading your post I'm green with envy. It sounds as if you had a fantastic time at the workshops. I love your perpetual calendar and look forward to seeing what else you made - oh also seeing what you spent all that money on.

    I hope you'll be in less pain after a rest. Take care. Barbxx

  5. Oh lucky you! Sounds like it was a brilliant workshop. Sadly being in Portugal I miss out on things like that. Your perpetual calendar is wonderful! Such a gorgeous colour. Wish we could see what's on the sides. Looking forward to your next post. Look after yourself now.
    Sharon xx

  6. How lovely to go to a crafty weekend.....too far for me now I live in Suffolk....beautiful project you made and pretty colours....Joolsx

  7. Oooh this is gorgeous Cara (I always seem to be 'oohing' and 'ahhing' on your blog LOL)


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