Friday 11 March 2016

Oldie Friday

Once again I'm joining Erika for oldie Friday where we show crafting projects from the archives. I recently stumbled across some old pictures in my photo bucket account. Apologies for the quality but they are photographs of photographs. This was a birthday cake that I made for my Dad. I seem to remember watching a programme that came from the garden festival in Wales where they were decorating cakes using an icing made with gelatine that means that it sets rock hard. A quick google dates this back to 1992, so I must have been about 19 when I made this cake.

Dad loved holidaying in France at the time and so that was the inspiration for the cake. I made the gelatine icing and then moulded croissants, baguettes, grapes and French flags out of it. I traced the outline of France onto grease proof paper and rolled out the icing and then trimmed it to shape. Dad was thrilled with the cake.

I've got a great weekend coming up. I'm off to the craft shop in Preston for 2 days of workshops with the InkBuds - Hels Sheriden and Pauline Wheeler. They say to take gloves if you don't want inky hands, so sounds like fun!


  1. Oh Cara well jealous, Hels is lovely, I had a class with her at Aberdeen, very inky and informative, you'll have a fab time and those hands will get very messy.
    I love your cake, it is perfect for a lover of all things French, the bread, grapes and flags are fabulous. I'm sure your Dad loved it.
    Thanks for sharing an oldie with me today, have a super weekend. Well, now I know what you are doing I just know you will. Don't forget to show us next week what you got up to.

    Hugs and happy crafting, Erika. x

  2. What a wonderful cake. Your Dad must have been so happy when he saw it. Have a wonderful time at your workshop - lucky you. If Joanne is there give her a hug from me. Barbxx

  3. Your cake looks brilliant and not something that you created for the '90s. Love the baguettes and croissants. Yummy.
    Enjoy your workshop, you lucky girl!
    Sharon xx


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