Wednesday 30 March 2016

What's on your workdesk Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! Is it just me that's been thrown this week by the bank holiday? It doesn't feel like a Wednesday, but I couldn't tell you want day it does feel like.
Down to business, as it's Wednesday (apparently) it's nosey day where we join forces with the lovely Julia to see what everyone is up to in their creative spaces. Are you sat down?
Shock horror! There is bare table in evidence! Okay, in reality I just shoved everything backwards, but it looks good at a quick glance.
On my stamping mat are some patterned papers and a Simon says stamp Christmas stamp ready for some paper piecing. You may also notice my pen holders, one prettified with self adhesive fabric and crochet lace and the other in its naked coffee tin form.
Just to give you a heads up, if I go missing from blogland for a few days, it's because I go back to work tomorrow having been off ill for over 8 months. I'm very lucky in that I'm having a phased return and so am only doing two half days this week, but it'll probably wear me out to start with. Right, off to do some stamping whilst I can.


  1. Afternoon Cara, yes a lovely clear table but plenty of things going on.

    Good luck tomorrow will be thinking of you

    Crafty hugs Pen x ~29

  2. Wow good job with the tidying!! And good luck with your return to work! Wonderful news!
    Lucy x

  3. A table full of potential, that's how I see it :)
    Very tidy compared to mine most of the time. Hope everything goes well for you at work tomorrow too.

  4. Hi Cara, I have to report that so far, yes all the stickers have stayed in place, and some of them have been stickered for over a year. I saw somewhere( can't remember where for the life of me), that someone had created coloured rings to go on the lid around the rubber top, by punching a circle the size of the lid, then punching out another one the size of the rubber dropper.Then the ring just sat around the top of the bottle. Would work if you had punches the right size, but as I didn't, I went with this option. I can sympathise with the job situation, I've been off for just over a year, what with treatments and surgery, and it will be at least another 12 weeks before I too start a staged return. I hope all goes well with yours, just remember to be gentle with yourself!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xx

  5. Hi Cara,
    brilliant work desk.
    It's so neat and tidy compared to my desk in my work room.
    Good luck on your return to work after such a long illness break.
    I do hope all goes well.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. Such a tidy table! It's going to miss you now that you're going back to work. But I hope work isn't that tiring for you. Thanks for the visit!
    Carol N #43

  7. Oh my I see a bit of your table!!!.....Good luck on your return to work....hope it goes ok?....Joolsx

  8. Oh my I see a bit of your table!!!.....Good luck on your return to work....hope it goes ok?....Joolsx

  9. Wow - what a neat and tidy table. Enjoy using those lovely delicate patterned papers.
    Take good care of yourself as you return to work.
    God bless.
    Margaret #21

  10. Greetings Cara your work space looks great, I try to organize and clean mine so I can actually find things. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs Diane

  11. I understand the 'shoving back' to make room for play. LOL Good to hear you are finally able to return to work - though I know it will cut into your play time.

    The spout from the watering can on my table this week - the holes are too small. I'm going to enlarge them with the point tip on my heat tool. I am a strawbale gardener and the tiny holes take forever to dispense water across the bales. Now I'll bet you're more curious LOL Hugs and Creative Blessings! Kelly #44

  12. Naked table!! quick! Make a mess to cover it up!!
    Hope going back to work goes smoothly x
    Happy Desk day!

  13. Your desk does look very tidy. Enjoy your stamping. Good luck when you return to work. It's good that you are able to do it in stages. Barbxx

  14. Good luck going back to work. Best to ease back into it.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #34

  15. Hope all goes well with work. Glad you can ease into it. I was off three months after a surgery and that first week back was horrible (didn't help that I still had brace on foot/leg). I love the card in the background - looks interesting.

    Sharon K #42

  16. Hi Cara, good luck with your return to work but try to take it easy as you need to save yourself for the crafting (of course!). Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 25

  17. Hey Cara - I know how you feel, I was lucky enough to get the four days off too, as I work for an English firm..I can't believe its Weds. But still WHOOP WHOOP only 2 more days of work. I thought there would be more chaos on your desk :) following a rainy BH of crafting. Cx #52

  18. Good luck going back to work, and actually that is a good thing because that means your healed. You're not the only one thrown off with easter monday. happy WOYWW Vicky #8

  19. Cara you are in trouble, that desk is far to clean and tidy, get creating now! Then come back with another photo. :D
    A beautiful creative yet tidy desk. Do you clean other craft rooms?
    Mine seriously needs someone like you to visit.

    Hugs Erika. x

  20. Glad you are feeling well enough to return to work Cara. Love your tidt desk mine never looks like that lol

    lilian B #72


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