Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The InkBuds weekender - Sunday

So we started off on Sunday with a plain bog standard photo frame. Obviously I haven't got a picture of it naked, so hopefully you can get an idea of how it started life from the back.
After we'd finished it looked like this!
As I mentioned yesterday we were able to pick our own colour and choose our own text to add to it. It would have been easy for them just to print off a phrase and get us to use that, but no, they brought an old fashioned typewriter with them so we could type whatever we wanted. Boy, do typists have my respect, we forget how easy with have it with modern keyboards now! All the flowers started off as white and we coloured them to match our projects.
I said yesterday that Hels and Pauline's attention to detail was fab, this is the water that we had each day. It was too pretty to drink, so I made do with the tea, coffee, fruit teas, squash, Diet Coke and diet cherry coke instead!

I can't wait for the next weekender, the projects haven't been finalised but are likely to be bookmaking and a niche canvas. Hels and Pauline make a great comedy double act, I learnt so many techniques and now have the confidence to get messy. Can I have the cheque now please?! Seriously, if you get a chance to go to their workshops you'll have a great time. I went on my own knowing no one and now feel like part of a wonderful community, much like the wonderful blogging community. Can we have a group hug?
Oh yes, I said I'd fess up about what I bought..... 
Look, I saved £15 okay!


  1. Wow Cara, it's absolutely fabulous. You'll enjoy looking at that every day. I love the colours you chose and the sentiment too. What a fun idea to type your own sentiments.

    As a little aside, I used to be a typist and worked for the local newspaper. I was a copytaker and used to sit with headphones on typing the stories that the journalists rang in. It was quite an exciting job most of the time. Of cause I'd not be needed now as journalists sent in their copy using technology. In those days I used to type at almost 80 words a minute - gosh how things change!

    The water bottle looks really pretty. I wouldn't have drunk it either.

    You bought some lovely stuff. I see you bought a lovely bunny stamp. I
    look forward to seeing your make with it all and well done saving £15. It had to be done. Have lots of crafty fun.

  2. Hi Cara, what a fantastic weekend you had creating such lovely projects, the water looked amazing. Just imagine all the great things you could get with that leftover cash! Have a good week... Megan

  3. So,so,so,soooooo jealous! What an amazing weekend. Your picture is stunning! Bet you'll have that hanging in pride of place. That's a nice bit of stash that you came away with too. Oh my, just look at the pretty water bottle! How fab. The sentiment stamp that you bought is really gorgeous.
    Sharon xx

  4. I love your frame Cara, a lovely keepsake from the weekends fun. The water bottle looks fab too.
    I think you did very well with your shopping! ;)

    Hugs Erika. x

  5. Love your beautiful projects Cara....what lovely colours....and pretty frame....Joolsx

  6. Love your beautiful projects Cara....what lovely colours....and pretty frame....Joolsx

  7. Beautiful frame! I'd say that was a fab weekend ... can't believe they thought of decorating a water bottle!


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