Wednesday, 13 January 2016


I'm joining  Julia for What's on your workdesk wednesday this week, where we share the state of our crafting space and what we are making. As you can see what is on my work desk is pretty much half of all the crafting stuff I own! Okay, maybe an eighth. Note the way it spills over onto the chairs. The cause of this chaos was making a special birthday card for one of my colleagues who is celebrating a big birthday today. You can probably make out in the red tray to the right some discarded die cuts from plan A, which was abandoned. The pink mat ( the only useable crafting space) has a couple of tiny flowers by the tape which were left over from the finished card which I will show tomorrow.
Not sure why the TV remote is so prominent as you can only just make out the TV lurking at the back and therefore completely unwatchable. I promise I will try to be tidier next week, honest!


  1. NO Don't be tidier next week Cara. You've made me feel much better! I see you've been using your new Cut n Boss. Now tell me did you stand up to make your friend's card? Look forward to seeing it soon. Barbxx

  2. Nice space! Looks like you are having fun! Not much to watch on TV anyways. I am indulging in my guilty secret and watching Dark Shadows today. LOL

  3. Hi, Nice to meet you My table looks very much like yours - spilling out all over the place. I think its a sign of being constructive.

    Crafty hugs Pen x #53

  4. I want to see the finished card! Hope it turned out well.

    Sharon #50

  5. Looks like some creating is happening!

    (Had to stop by, since what's on my workdesk today is literally bunnies!)

    #62 today with

  6. Oh this happens to me when a really special one off is required, it becomes a pressure and I end up making loads of that'll do cards before the one I planned jumps from my head to the card...takes ages and causes just the same as you seem to are not alone!

  7. Happy WOYWW. Loving the scene - same thing happens to me when I am making a special card. One reason why I often design my cards digitally now. Less mess when it is on the pc screen! Ali x #37

  8. No need to be tidier we all need lots of stuff to get those creative juices flowing.
    sandra de @15


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