Friday, 8 January 2016

It's not a Christmas card!

It may look like one, but actually it's my first ever attempt at an ATC! On the Craft Telly Forum, as well as a monthly card swap, there is also a monthly ATC swap. It's a small very friendly group and you only have to make 2 ATC's for the swap, so why not join us?
I trimmed some Clarity stamping card to the right size and then stamped on Hobby Art's Baa Humbug. I stamped his hat seperately and fussy cut it. I coloured him in with copics. I then fluffed his wool with polar white flower soft and used one of the creative expressions chunky glitters (sorry can't remember which one) to add to his hat trim to differentiate it from his wool and stuck his hat on with flat glue. I drew a very bad line to ground him (he's obviously mid trot with some feet off the ground!) and then drew a rough box round the card to finish it off - doing that gave me the confidence to do it on my Santa cards.
I stole the picture from a post by the recipient on the Craft Telly forum as I forgot to get a picture before posting it!


  1. I love it Cara. He certainly does look a grumpy old devil. It's a great ATC and sure whoever gets it will be delighted. The flower soft really works well. Have fun. Barbxx

  2. I think you should put your wedding bouquet on Oldies on Friday. It's much to lovely to stay there unseen. Barbxx

    1. Wil do, I might even get some more pics as after 3 years it's still in a plastic box at the back of the sofa. Really must tidy up sometime!


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