Wednesday, 8 June 2016

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday 366

Wednesday again. The best thing about Wednesdays are that they're my day off work. The second best thing about Wednesday is What's on your workdesk Wednesday where we share our tables of shame (in my case) and the our creative workspaces (in the case of other people). As Julia is recovering from brain surgery Lunch Lady Jan has kindly agreed to host until she is firing on all cylinders again.
Look, I actually tidied up (a bit) before I started crafting today! I've been playing with the delicate asters dues and stamps that I bought at the weekend. The purple box on the left houses my glitter and glitter glue collection and you can just see, peeking out from behind the dies the card that I have been working on with a pile of glitter in the middle of it drying. I'd originally added quite a lot of stickles but then decided that it was the wrong shade of purple, so I added Hunkdory Parma violet glitter on top of it. I left it to dry for a bit and then shook off the excess. All good. I then decided to blow off the bits of glitter that were clinging to the card and blew a wave in my stickles! I reshaped it with my finger and readded the glitter. This time I'm leaving it overnight to dry!
Today has been a bit cooler, although still a tad on the warm side for me. I hope you all are having whatever weather suits you, wherever you are. I sat outside grooming Parsley this afternoon, I think I got enough fur off him to make another bunny, funny that he is moulting so badly and Bramble just has a tiny tuft. I don't think he was very impressed at being groomed though, considering he stuck his tongue out at me!


  1. Poor Parsley looks fed up with being groomed, or with having to wear a fur coat in this sticky weather! I've rather dropped off joining in What's on your workdesk Wednesday since OH retired as it's always been my busiest day of the week and has got even busier now ge's around!

  2. My cats have been fed up with the hot weather, so they'd be in sympathy with your rabbits! I am always happy to be out in the evenings when it's cooler - in fact, I'm typing this sitting outside on my patio with a nice cuppa. Bliss!
    You don't have to tidy up on our behalf before we visit - there's more to see on a messy desk, lol!
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  3. Your bunny is so cute. Nice busy desk and having a day off too sounds good to me. Have a lovely woyww and happy crafting,
    Angela x 26

  4. Glitter! Glitter! It's happy dust! You make gorgeous cards.

    Sheila #49

  5. Love that Parsley stuck his tongue out at you LOL. OMG you better not have jinxed me with your snow comment, otherwise I am coming to Lancashire to stick my tongue out at you! Love your desk today, I can see actual desk LOL..I love and hate glitter in equal measure. Cx

  6. Poor rabbit. He doesn't look happy! Glitter. Love it. Sparkly and fun. Hope you enjoyed your day off!

    Have a good week
    Sharon k #4

  7. Your bunny is cute Cara, reminds me of my childhood pet.
    I thought the aster die was a stencil, it would look beautiful to ink up as a stencil as well. That big bold sentiment also caught my eye, looking forward to see what you made.

  8. Oh your desk looks well loved this week.
    And your wee bunny is soooooo cute.

    Hugs Erika. x

  9. I agree, that tongue says I am not impressed mom!
    Your desk looks very busy and creative.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #46

  10. Oh he is just gorgeous Cara, love the little tongue sticking out, maybe he's thinking, I stick my tongue out whilst concentrating.
    That's a busy looking desk, Kate x

  11. Love seeing your work area, its how it should look when we are being industrious. Can see the card there that I just commented on, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who just cant wait lol.
    Parsley is looking good, tell him to put his tongue away, nothing like having someone brush you down and pamper you.

  12. Ha, your desk is 'almost' as bad as mine ;)
    Parsley is a real cutie!

  13. What a cutie! I have a wild momma bunny who has her babies under my deck every year. This year, the Beagle/ Spaniel puppy uses the deck as his domain but Momma knows he can't get to her or the babies. I love my critters - tame and wild. Arm is better as I've not done much to use it the past month. This weekend I've put it to the test so we shall see ;-) Creative Blessings! Kelly #37

  14. Tiding up - what's that like I don't think I would know!! Cute bunny!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #2


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