Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Rescue Me!

So, this is the rescued version of my original card for the Sweet Stampin' challenge. It is more centred top and bottom than it looks in the picture, honest!I used this fun X-cut shadow die fairground set to create my card. Originally, the top layer was the coral pink that is in the middle of my alternative card, but that was where the worst of the paper damage was. 
To rescue the card, I trimmed off the card blank to leave me with the die cut image. I got my craft knife under the sentiment die (a waffle flower one I think) and scrapped it off the card to make it as flat as possible. I recut the top layer in peach card and glued it over the damage coral layer. I'd had to slightly trim the image panel when I rescued it, but cut the new piece to the original size as the edge of the panel had gone a bit wonky with the trimming. This left me with a slight overhang, so I used some foam tape snipped into slivers to support it before gluing it onto a new card base. I recut the sentiment and layered it up twice to give it some strength before adding to the card. No idea how I magic to get a curve on it as it is a straightish die, but hey ho!
The only downside of all this rescuing was that I ended up with a really thick image panel. It was already thick with 5 layers of card, but I think it ended up with about 7 as you can see! Definitely a card to hand deliver.


  1. Nevertheless Cara it's a fabulous card, these are wonderful dies and your colours are lovely, good job of rescuing, Kate x

  2. Brilliant card, Cara, no sign of it being a rescue job!

  3. Had quite a chuckle reading your post and your 7 layer card....you are not alone!!! Great rescue...great layering and gorgeous colours x

  4. Brilliant rescue job and really lovely pastel shades.

    Kath x

  5. I'd never have known it was a rescue job. It's a very pretty card Cara. Lovely colours and super dies. Barbxx

  6. Hi Cara
    What an interesting die set. You see these things in the packet and they look nothing but you have brought it to life.
    A well covered rescue job. You would never know.
    Best wishes.

  7. Pretty card again Cara! Love the soft shades you used too 😀 Viv xx

  8. Fab card Cara, I love a good rollercoaster! Best one so far was The Big One at Blackpool, one of these days I'll get to Florida for a go on theirs!
    PS I had a good giggle at your caravan story!

  9. Ooooh! Cara this is lovely! Great die set. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  10. Cara, Great card and love softness of the colours


  11. Wonderful soft pastel colors and fun design Cara.

    Hugs Diane


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