Sunday 31 July 2016

Special Thanks

Sunday and the end of July already, where is the time going?
Another card that I quickly whipped up before I left home to share today. I used the same Craftwork Card kit as yesterday and started off with a 4x4 kraft card blank and added a background mat in navy to both the background paper and the topper. I made a navy organza bow and added that to the topper which I stuck on the card with foam tape (got to use some up). I added a few gems to add a little bling and added some wink of Stella to the trees on the topper, however some of the ink blobbed out and despite wiping it off left a mark. A left over butterfly to the rescue, which I actually thought made the card look better, a definite happy accident.
I've had a lovely day today (although I probably should have worn sun cream judging by how red my face is). I met up with 15 other bunny mad women at the home of a plant historian and bunny rescuer to learn about which plants we can forage for to feed our bunnies and which are definite no-nos. we spend the whole time either out in the garden or in the hedgerows looking for plants. I learnt so much and it's amazing how many different plants there are in a hedgerow when you really start looking. We were spolit with fabulous food and as you can see we had company.
There are 6 rabbits that have free range in the garden, the rest have large "chalets" that they live in in bonded groups and take turns to roam in a large enclosed area.

You might just spot a tiny white and orange bunny in the bottom left corner. This gorgeous bunny was kept in a tiny cage for 9 years before he was rescued and his owners hadn't even realised that he was blind. He has a tendency to fall over and be unable to right himself but he's now enjoying his retirement wandering around the garden, nibbling whatever he fancies and was lapping up the attention today, tooth purring whilst having head rubs. 

He's one of over thirty bunnies that have now found their forever home here. I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of someone's kindness this week and so was able to "pay it forwards" and make a donation towards their hefty vet bills. Thank you for allowing me to do that x 


  1. Oh what lovely photos wish I was there to see all those bunnies. Great card too x

  2. Loved reading your blog today and learnt lots! You sounds like you had a lovely day. Gorgeous colour-way on your card today and loving the butterfly die cut!!! x

  3. Hi Cara, absolutely gorgeous card, lovely design and colours.
    Aww the bunnies are so ooooh cute and they look as If they are having Fun, Kate x

  4. Now I know where you went... It looks like a wonderful place for the bunnies to spend happy lives and sounds as if you had a good time with your friends too. I guess you'll be found hunting in the hedgerows now for special bunny treats.

    Your card is lovely Cara and would never have guessed the butterfly was an afterthought - certainly a happy accident. Barbxx

  5. Aww .... the bunnies are so adorable - what a happy day you must have had.

    Like you, I often add a touch of Wink of Stella for an extra shimmer. Your butterfly is perfectly placed and keeps the balance of the card.

  6. I love bunnies! And that card is proof that the little extras added to a card really make the difference. This card is beautiful! Creative blessings! Kelly

  7. I bet you were in your element Cara, what a great day. Angela x

  8. Beautiful card Cara but totally beaten by the bunny post. Ohh you must have been in heaven and what an amazing woman. To have such a wonderful backyard set up for the bunnies to roam in. I thought the home my husband built for our lot was grand but wow. Its so sad to see people getting pets and having no idea what they are all about. We were talking about this the other day and saying people should have to apply to test their suitability the same as foster parents. I'll get off my soapbox now.

  9. That looks like bunny paradise, great photos.
    A super card too Cara, loving the Kraft, white and blue combo.

    Hugs Erika. x


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