Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Birthday #2

Happy Sunday. Hope you're all enjoying the glorious sunshine, the car declared it to be 24 degrees out. Hubby and I had a trip out to a garden centre at Southport, but didn't venture out in search of the sea (Southport is notorious for the sea being miles out and a very long walk out on the beach to find it - something to do with longshore drift if I remember correctly from my geography lessons).
This is the other birthday card I made as I wanted her to have an alternative incase the other was too OTT. Again, I used the craftwork cards Potting Shed II kit which included the dark purple background card and sentiment. I added a lace doily, paper flowers and foliage (poppy stamps leafy sprig) and a few gems along with a little faux stitching (couldn't resist it!). You may have noticed that my garden table has developed a little purple patch. I was spritzing a purple chalk paint and cosmic shimmer iridescent blue on a project and thought I'd be good and do it outside. It didn't wash off as I expected, whoops. Hubby has agreed that I can cover the rest of the table to match if necessary!
Finally, not the best picture taken through the mesh,but the bunnies have been enjoying the fine weather. They were both splatted out in the run in the shade of the step, but Parsley jumped up when he saw me coming.


  1. Stunning color, details and design Cara, love the bunnies sunning themselves.

    Hugs Diane

  2. This is beautiful Cara. Just off yo do a recap to see what your #1 card looked like. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Beautiful card Cara stunning colours. Been very hot here today. Cute bunnies :)

    Crafty hugs Pen x

  4. A beautiful card Cara. I love the paper flowers used with the stamping.

    What a sweet photo. One sleepy bunny and one nosey one! Barbxx

  5. Oh that's a beautiful card Cara, I love how your pretty flowers blend in with your image!
    Glad to hear your bunnies enjoy the sunshine, our Ruby loves nothing better than sunbathing!

  6. Oh wow what a stunning card!! I need to do some like this!
    It was nearly 28c here today and it's nearly 26c in my room tonight!! Dying!!! Lol
    Lucy x

  7. Love that card... I am waiting for the weather to change, so I can splat out like the Bunnies...Cracking up at the slightly purple table..I do stuff like that all the time..except inside on our furniture! Cx

  8. Wow you certainly give this style of card a run for its money. Stunning. I would still be sitting here thinking mmm what next. Its beautiful. Now don't forget to let us know which one she chose.
    I'm always amazed by how far the sea goes out in your country. My husband is originally from England and has been back a few times and fills me in on it all.
    The rabbits look like they are enjoying the warmer weather. I can remember all the large milk containers we would have to freeze up for ours to lay against to escape the weather when we hit the high 30's and 40's. Loopy was so well domesticated he could stay in the house in the worst heat but Midnight enjoyed chewing her way through cables (we found to our horror) and had to stay in her hut in the back room.
    Elysha's companion dog can at least be shaved in the heat and always ends up looking like a young puppy again when shaved as he ends up so small.

  9. Hi Cara, a stunning card... love the doily, expect to see some on my cards soon, we just got a $2 shop about 7years after the last one left, already hit it and picked up a huge pack of doilies and gorgeously colour sequins... have a great week... enjoy your heat... Megan

  10. Hi Cara, cute bunny photo. We've had the haar the last couple of days but the sun is finally out. Yippee. This could be it! Summer. LOL.
    Another beautiful garden themed card, love your floral arrangement it perfectly matches your papers.

    Enjoy the sunshine. Hugs Erika. x

  11. Gorgeous card the image and the pretty flowers...lovely to see your bunnies enjoying the sun....Joolsx

  12. Gorgeous card the image and the pretty flowers...lovely to see your bunnies enjoying the sun....Joolsx

  13. Another beautiful card, Cara. If I had to choose one, I think I'd choose this one. Love the colours you've used. xx

  14. Wonderful work, Cara, and flowers used to perfection.
    Shame about your spritz that doesn't come off been there done that too... Can't help thinking it would be easier to paint the main bits white though?
    Thanks so much for the inspiration,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  15. Absolutely stunning! I love everything about it Karen x


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