Friday, 13 May 2016

Oldie Friday

Is anyone else melting? I was trying to have a good sort out in the bedroom earlier and ended up in a puddle. The bedroom is south facing and I'd kept the curtains shut to keep the heat out, but the window catch has broken and so we can't open it and I could feel the temperature rising! Oh well it's a good excuse not to do too much housework at once.
As it's Friday it's time to join up with Erika and share an old make from the archives. My make this time is my first proper knitted project (not counting scarves). I made this for my niece who was about 18 months old at the time, she's 12 now! I got into knitting when I had to take a year out of my degree after I caught a virus which sent my liver function doolally. It left me feeling exhausted for months and altered my taste buds, coffee tasted like cigarette ash and the smell of mushrooms turned my stomach and they were two of my favourite things! I've gradually retrained myself to drink coffee, although to no where near the strength I used to have it at and I'm still working on the mushrooms! I taught myself to knit via the Internet as a way to increase my concentration levels and progressed onto this simple cardigan in patterned yarn for my niece. 
Hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend x


  1. I used to love knitting and knitted right through the 70s. Your little cardigan is lovely. What an amazing first project. I bet you enjoyed seeing it grow as the colours changed.

  2. Sorry to be so abrupt signing off Cara - the oven was dinging me ... Barbxx

  3. Cara, thanks for joining me sharing an oldie today. I love your wee knitted cardigan, a perfect addition for a little girl.
    It sounds warm where you are, it is cooler here today but our south facing rooms upstairs are warm too.
    Enjoy your weekend, hugs Erika. X

  4. Hi Cara,
    what a very super Oldie today.
    A very lovely knitted garment, and I bet your niece felt so warm and cosy in it.
    I used to knit a lot at one time, but haven't done so for some time except for dish cloths that I knit occasionally.
    Have a very super weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. Hi Cara what a pretty wee cardigan and well done learning all by yourself. Lovely little girl colours, great oldie,Kate x


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