Sunday, 1 May 2016

More super heroes!

How on earth did it get to be May already? The weather still thinks it's February though. I am bereft, Ribena have stopped making their limited edition "Winter Spice" recipe. I got the last few bottles last week and now I'm down to a stash of just 5 bottles. Sob. Given the weather we've been having I'm sure that they could still be making it until September legitimately! It has been my treat hot drink of choice  this winter, although the supposedly limited edition NescafĂ© Gingerbread Lattes make it a close run thing. Apologies for the rubbish photos this drizzly weather isn't helping.
I decided to cheer myself by having another play with my fuse tool. Why is it that playing is so much fun when you're supposed to be making something else? I used the Clearly Besotted Caped Cuties again as I had the time to make the card I initially visualised when I bought them.
I used the cityscape die also from Clearly Besotted and Simon says stamps stitched rectangles dies and cut the frames out of Hunkydory Mirridazzle card. Fusspot here decided that she had to put yellow lights in the buildings and so used snippets of yellow card trimmed to fit. The sentiments came with the stamp set. I carried on making a few more as I think they will be useful cards to cheer people up. Anyone got a name for a bunny caped crusader?
I'm going to take this card over to Snippets playground as the yellow and black card came from the bits box. Hope they've got some decent heating in the treehouse!


  1. Cara these are fabulous! Love the little bunnies, they are so very cute, in fact too cute for words. You should enter them over at AAA Cards,, they have a CAS shaker card challenge right now and they certainly fit them. Too cold right now, definitely feels more like February than May. Have a great Bank Holiday Monday Karen x

  2. They really are cute cards Cara. You're already making good use of your new toy. Barbxx

  3. Wow, these are cool shaker cards Cara - I love your little super-bunny!

  4. Aww these are absolutely wicked!! I want that cute super bunny!!
    Lucy x

  5. Really adorable cards Cara! Love the shaker elements you made, fabulous scene and the little flying hero is so cute!


    Di xx

  6. Hi Cara, your shaker cards are brilliant love the stars inside, weather playing tricks on you guys too? It has only just started to feel cold here, the autumn leaves are holding tight this year, last year they were all raked up by the beginning of April... have a great week... Megan

  7. Oh Cara you made me smile this morning looking at these lovely cards.

    And I remember having hot ribena after swimming in an out side pool while at Primary School ... hate to think about all those years that have gone by.... far too many. But that hot drink I still remember.

    Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving lovely comments much appreciated

    Crafty hugs Pen x .

  8. Your cards are such cuties!
    You'll have to eke out the remaining bottles of your hot drinks. Remember you can always bring them over to the Snippets Playground Tree house . . . we have ways of eking out drinks!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  9. What a sweet collection Cara! I love shaker cards and these are just so adorable!! Just playing some catch up today after my week with Mum. Hope you had a wonderful week while I was away! hugs :)

  10. Fabulous cards Cara, love the stars and the cut superhero, Kate x

  11. Brilliant cards Cara....just love what you have done with the backgrounds...Joolsx

  12. Brilliant cards Cara....just love what you have done with the backgrounds...Joolsx

  13. Love your cards Cara, those drinks sound lush too. I must have missed them when shopping, too late now.
    Your superhero cards are fab, love the backgrounds too and the frames. As for naming your super bunny how about......The caped carrot eater?!
    Not very superheroish but I shall give it some more thought.

    Hugs Erika. x

  14. Very cool cards, the backgrounds are great. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.

    Love and hugs

  15. Fantastic set of cards, must admit my favourite is the all blue bunny, so cute. Hey if the heatings not working I have a bottle of warm you up hidden behind the bike shed.

  16. Great attention to detail! Flying high with this one! Caped Critters flying over the city and protecting us from bad guys.
    Love that you have them flying over the city and shaking things
    up a bit. Great job.


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