Friday, 8 April 2016

Oldie Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday. Gosh, I've come over all tired, maybe these three four hour days at work are too much for me! Just joking, I am tired and achy though, think I need to see my GP about increasing my morphine again as it feels like someone is drilling through my collarbone and shoulder. Right back to the important things and it is of course time to join the lovely Erika for Oldie Friday, where we laugh at how bad our old photographs are! Sorry, that should have been, show older crafting projects that people might not have seen before.
Hopefully you can make out in this dark photograph the card that I made for my Dad's birthday. Now, that was my desk in the background which means this must date back to about 2006 when I was at uni studying to become an occupational therapist. Those were the era of QVC craft days, I had obviously just bought a crop-o-dile judging by the rivets and they'd probably just had a Jolly Nation TSV going by the decoupage, matching backing paper and gas bottle stickers!
Parsley is safely back home and is currently snuggled up next to Bramble. According to his discharge notes he weighs 1.4kg or about 3lbs, Bramble weighs about 1.1kg from memory, so they're not big bunnies. Parsley had his teeth done but they had a small problem during the procedure as he woke up! They explained to me that as rabbits have a higher fatality rate under anaesthetic, they don't like to put them as deeply asleep as they would a cat or dog. This would have been ok, but the vet was rasping a tooth at the time and as he woke up he jumped forwards and so she caught the back of his throat with the rasp. It stopped bleeding quickly and there are no large abrasions. He's come home with antibiotics and pain-relief and has a check up with the vet tomorrow afternoon. Initially he was a bit sorry for himself and so I locked them both in the shed for a couple of hours. I went to check on them and Bramble was wanting to go into the run so I let them both out. Parsley was straight up onto the step they have in the run. He then spotted the dandelion leaves I'd left in the run for them and tucked into them, so I don't think I'll need to syringe feed him tonight! It amazes me how fragile they are and yet how resilient they can be.


  1. Oh Cara thank you for joining me today sharing an oldie. Thanks too foe the trip down memory lane I seem to remember having some Jolly nation papers. Love your card.
    Good to hear that the bunnies are ok, bet the vet and Parsley both jumped whilst having teeth done!

    Have a lovely weekend, hugs Erika. x

  2. Hi Cara, thanks for the visit to mine. I'm back home, had a great day and ready for tomorrow, can't wait to show you what we've been making. Pleased the bunnies are okay. Happy crafty weekend, Angela x

  3. Glad to hear Parsley came through ok. Hope Parsley doesn't react badly when you go back to the vet and heals well and I hope you are okay too. Look after yourself.

  4. Hi Cara, poor Parsley, but he is eating so hopefully no damage done to him. I hope he isn't too frightened of the vet now.
    Great card, I didn't manage to play this week, but good that you did, thanks for sharing, take care of yourself, Kate x

  5. What a trip down memory lane that is! Bet your Dad was so proud of the card you made him back then.
    So glad I found out what happened to Bramble - working backwards on commenting is not a good thing! Glad to hear of the improvements in your later posts.
    Sharon xx


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