Saturday, 2 April 2016

Yet more of those Owls....

Indigo blu have a rubber stamp that has cats arranged in a similar way to fill the stamp and that was what inspired this card. I cut out lots of owl masks from post it notes and got stamping. I wasn't too bothered if I didn't get a perfect image as I could just go in with a fine liner pen and tart them up. What I hadn't bargained on was....
Can you see it, centre right? I dropped the stamp on the paper right at the last minute! Another downside of my gammy neck is that I tend to drop things regularly. (This is why I have a ten pound mobile phone, which doesn't even have a camera as I tend to accidentally throw it across the room at least once a week) Fortunately the stamp was quite dry when I dropped it and so the mark wasn't too bad and I figured it would get lost in the colouring. I used spectrum noir pencils to colour in the Owls and a yellow sparkle pen for their beaks and added glossy accents to their eyes.
After all that work I was super careful when I added a black mat behind it and adhered it to the 6x6 card blank...
Yep, I stuck it the wrong way round! Fortunately it still works as a tent card. Hope you all have a fab weekend x


  1. Morning Cara, what a fun card and it made me smile. Fantastic. And yes it works as a Tent card - good job its not an Australian card :)

    Crafty hugs

  2. Hi Cara, what an absolutely FANTASTIC project. Your card looks amazing.
    It really is great fun and I bet that's what you had colouring all those owls in. You should find some challenges to enter with this and I can't see where you dropped your stamp. Barbxx

  3. Wow Cara - this is fabulous! A brilliant result and so worth all the angst and work! Love it :)


    Di xx

  4. Cara I love your owl card and you can't see your little whoopsie once you've coloured all your birds. These owls have such character. The glossy eyes are just the icing on the cake. Fabulous card.

    Hugs Erika. x

  5. Morning Cara! Looks like you are having a fun weekend already at your desk. I can't see the little whoops that you mentioned, I love the end result. I have that indigo blue cat stamp, need to break him out today. You HAVE to get the fuse out, it is awesome. Top tip for you, when you are using it to bond things together do it on a thick notepad or a stack of paper. The plastic doesn't fuse to the paper - much easier than the glass mat I initially tried. Cx

  6. This is brilliant Cara. I have one of the stamps you mentioned but this looks just as good. Thanks for your lovely comment over at mine too. Have a great weekend and happy crafting, Angela xXx

  7. i love this card, love owls and think that this is a really cute card. I had to look really hard to see where you had dropped the stamp, hardly noticeable at all :) Lea @

  8. Hi Cara, I love your owl card and since no one else has said it "What a Hoot", if you hadn't pointed it out wouldn't have noticed the little mark which vanished nicely when coloured.... have a great week... Megan

  9. Wow, that's so cool, love all the colours you used and I would never have spotted your woopsie! Glad you got away with your tent fold after all that work, wouldn't be the first time I stuck something on upside down ;)

  10. Great card Cara, it is fun and colourful. I have this stamp and have only ever done the predictable 2 owls on a branch lol so its great to see it used in a much better way.
    Hugs, Kaz x


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